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Purchase prepaid calling cards from the outlets across Kerala or you can contact us.

2. Corporate Solutions

The advanced administration tools of Asianet enable you to create, deploy and manage multiple services for your business end user, while the hosted IP PBX dramatically simplifies the enterprise’s inner-network connections and significantly reduces its communication expenses.

The users do not require to install, invest or maintain the IP infrastructure of their own. All that they would need is a broadband speed Internet connection and they are done. With a VoIP business service in place, the corporate clients can concentrate on more important business matters including generating and expanding of their activities. Therefore, it can be said that the VoIP has change the face of the corporate communication worldwide.

The contact centers can also benefit from the inherent benefits of these services. The contact center VoIP solutions provide cost efficiency, as long distance or ISD calls are made at significantly lower rates. Moreover, these services in the call center deliver seamless connectivity, globally.

We not only provides businesses with advanced call management features to improve their communication between multiple locations but also increases an enterprise’s profits by:

Cutting Communication Costs

Calls made outside of network are automatically routed over the least expensive lines and calls made within the network are free, regardless of the callers’ global locations.

Reducing Technical Equipment and Support Staff Costs

When using a hosted IP PBX, businesses neither need to spend money on physical PBXs at each office location nor the staff to support the devices..




rates in (/Min)

UAE 9.59/min

UK 0.63/min

US 0.50/min

Canada 0.89/min

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